The department of works and estate was established on 27th January 2010 through management’s approval for the creation of an Estate Department in the Federal Medical Center, Bida to replace the then nomenclature of Works and Estate Unit.
The department consists of the following units:

  1. Biomedical Engineering Unit.
  2. Civil Engineering Unit.
  3. Mechanical Engineering Unit.
  4. Electrical Engineering Unit.
  5. Property Management Unit.
  6. Parks and Gardens Unit.
  7. Waste Management Unit.
  8. Fire Service Unit.

Presently, the department has 100 personnel spread across the three centers, ranging from Assistant Director down to Craftsmen.
However, the Department is a Health Care Service support oriented arm of Federal Medical Center, Bida saddled with the responsibilities of planning, designs, construction and maintenance of hospital buildings/ infrastructures, equipment and utility services.
The activities of the department include the following;

  1. Ensuring adequate water supply to every part of the hospital.
  2. Production and distribution of medical oxygen gas to areas of needs within the hospital.
  3. Ensuring adequate power supply to every part of the hospital.
  4. Preparation of bills of quantity for proposed projects.
  5. Fabrication and welding works.
  6. Maintenance and installation of Air Conditioners.
  7. General installation and maintenance of biomedical equipment.
  8. Taking inventories of assets and coordination of job schedules.
  9. Landscaping, nursing and maintenance of flowers.
  10. Prompt response to fire outbreaks.
  11. Practical training of staff in the department on various areas of services.

The department runs 24-hour services to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.