The department of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology of the federal medical Centre Bida is a pathology laboratory that is involved with the analysis of body fluids and tissue for the presence of microorganism that are pathogenic or are capable of causing diseases in patients. This department works synergistically with other laboratory departments in the hospital to assist clinicians in arriving at a diagnosis on the hospital clients.


The functions of the department are, service delivery, research and training.
The department, using, state of the art equipment carries out analysis on blood, urine, sputum, skin and tissue biopsies to determine presence of harmful organism like bacteria, viruses and parasites. Importantly, the department is a key participant in hospital disease surveillance program to alert the clinicians to possible outbreak of diseases and health care associated infections.
The department is involved with various research endeavours internally and in collaboration with various health professionals in the hospital.
The department trains resident doctors, medical laboratory interns and student on industrial training.


The department has 2 resident doctors, 11 medical laboratory scientist, 8 scientific officers, 6 medical laboratory technicians 2 health assistants, 1 laboratory attendant and 3 administrative staff.
The department is overseen by a Consultant  who is assisted by a head scientist and the chief resident. The members of staff are well trained and enthusiastic about their work.