1. Vision Statement:
    To help all our clients in every way possible so that they can achieve their full potential in life; while being able to work productively and contribute meaningfully to their society.
  2. Mission Statements:
    To provide a qualitative management of patients through the Bio-Psycho-Social model.
    To provide quick and reliable emergency services to all that requires such.
  3. Details of service provision and delivery:
    Full clerkship and examination of all new patients.
    Formulation of each clinical scenario to tackle problem area(s).
    Counseling of patients about their health condition(s).
    Provision of emergency mental health services.
    Provision of effective biological treatment methods.
    Provision of optimal psychological therapies and helping people to cope with normal stresses of life.
    Education of patients and their relatives of symptoms of adverse drug reaction and how to prevent it.
    Collaboration with other managing teams in comorbid cases.
    Screening for substance use disorder and the management thereof.
    Using evidence-based medicine in patient management.
    Participation in clinical research.
  4. Schedule of Clinical Services/ Training Activities:
    Monday: Consultant Ward Round.
    Tuesday: Clinical Presentation/Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT).
    Wednesday: Clinic Day.
    Thursday: Psychotherapy/ECT.
    Friday: Resident Ward Round.
    Hours of service: 24 hour
    Contact Persons:
    Dr Madandola N.O.(Consultant Psychiatrist)………08037830824.