The Department of Health Records ensures quality initiation, collection, compilation, analysis, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of health data, which is vital and routine by-products of healthcare services rendered by all healthcare professionals in the hospital.
The department has six major functional units and some thematic area-based sub-units. The units include:
i. Admission & discharge unit
ii. Appointment unit
iii. Clinical coding and indexing unit
iv. Data processing unit
v. Documentation and Registration
vi. Central Library

Some of the sub-units are attached to specialty clinics and various thematic areas, they include:
i. Accident and Emergency Records
ii. Consultative Outpatient Records
iii. Education & Research
iv. Quality Assurance
v. Dental Records
vi. Forms Management
vii. General Outpatient Records
viii. Monitoring and Evaluation
ix. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Records
x. Paediatrics Records
xi. Radiology Records

Departmental Responsibilities
i. Initiation of patients’ health records.
ii. Maintenance of standard of desired health records practice.
iii. Maintenance of standards in desired health records equipment.
iv. Filing and records control.
v. Assembly and discharge analysis.
vi. Evaluation of latest techniques in health records systems including electronic medical records.
vii. Classification of diseases and procedures according to the World Health Organization’s established criteria for use in statistics, computerization, research and teaching.
viii. Collection, compilation, analysis and presentation of morbidity statistics and mortality data for management, government and other purposes.
ix. Design and implementations of health records forms and formats including setting of policies regarding its utilization.
x. Morbidity and mortality survey.
xi. Quantitative and qualitative review and analysis of patients’ health records for accuracy and efficiency.
xii. Facilitating health services research.
xiii. Medico-legal correspondence.

Training activities in the Department
i. Hospital-based training for health information management students from colleges of health science and technologies, teaching hospitals and universities.
ii. Weekly departmental seminar – every Wednesdays.

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