The Department of Family Medicine Federal Medical Centre, Bida has two major divisions, the General Outpatient Department of Federal Medical Centre Bida and the Family Medicine Practice Centre (FMPC) in Gawu Babangida. The family medicine Practice Centre provides integrated, comprehensive and wholistic family practice that is culturally  acceptable. It offers  the full compliments of  primary, secondary and tertiary health care. The entire department of Family Medicine is headed by a consultant Family Physician, Dr Mayowa Daniel Pemi (FWACP-FamilyMedicine) who coordinates the activities of the department. The department is accredited by both the West Africa College of Physician and the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigerian for training in Family Medicine. The family medicine practice centre is  also accredited for rural obsteric and gynaecology training, and rural surgical training by the West Africa College of surgeon.

Services rendered and mode of operation at the General Outpatient Unit in Bida include:

The General Outpatient Clinic                    Everyday of the week 8am to 9pm

The NHIS clinic                                                Everyday of the week 8am to 9pm

DOTs clinic                                                       Everyday of the week 8am to 3pm

ART clinic                                                         Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to 3pm

Skin clinic                                                        Every Wednesday 8am to 2pm

NCD clinic                                                       Every Tuesday 8am to 2pm

Emergency/In-patient care                       Everyday of the week 8am to 9pm

Services rendered and mode of operation at the FMPC Gawu Babangida include:

The General Outpatient clinic                   Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm

The NHIS clinic                                             Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm

DOTs clinic                                                     Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm

ART clinic                                                        Every Tuesday and wednesday 8am to 3pm

ANC                                                                  Every Tuesday,  wednesday and Thursday 8am to 3pm

Family planning clinic                                Every Friday  8am to 3pm

Accident/Emergency                                  Everyday of the week 24 hours of the day

Theatre days                                                  Elective surgeries are on Wednesdays while emergencies are every day

Labour ward                                                  Everyday of the week 24 hours of the day

In-patient care                                              Everyday of the week 24 hours of the day

Funtions of the Family Medicine Department

With its full compliments of Medical Personnel viz 7 Consultant Family Physicians, 28 Resident Doctors, Medical Officers, Nurses, Laboratory Scientists etc, the department renders

– healthcare services in its twin units to the teeming population of its two host communities Bida and Gawu Babangida as well as serving as a referral centre to all the communities of Niger State and neighbouring States.

-Healthcare services are primary care and primary medical care not limited to outpatients/ inpatient care in Medical, Surgical, Paediatric, Obstetric and Gynaecology but shall include specialized clinics of Dermatology, Non-Communicable Disease (NCD), Anti-retroviral (ART), Tuberculosis Directly Observed Therapy (DOT), the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) clinics and Emergency care services.

– Sorting and feeding other sister departments timely with patients requiring their specialty services.

-Training of Resident doctors and interns in various fields of medical practice. Academic activities include weekly clinical meetings, CME, Case Presentations/Morbidity Reviews, Journal Reviews. Quaterly proposal and Dissertation presentations.