The department of Community Health is one of the clinical departments in the hospital  and is saddled with the responsibility of providing public health services to the facility, community, LGA and the State at large. The department is at the forefront of ensuring the delivery of quality, affordable, accessible and acceptable health service to individuals in the community. The department focuses on all levels of disease prevention such as health promotion, health education, specific protection (immunization), early diagnosis and prompt treatment of diseases, prompt referral, rehabilitation and restorative care as a means to achieve healthcare for all.

The Comprehensive Health Centre, (CHC) Zungeru which is one of the outpost sites of F.M.C Bida is being supervised by the department. CHC Zungeru offers all health services with the right compliment of health workers, as stipulated by the National Health Policy.

The health workforce of the department consists of Public health physicians, medical officers, public health nurses, nurses, community health workers, nutritionists, environmental health officers, health educators and other non-clinical support staff.

Nature of Services Rendered:

  1. Epidemic and Outbreak Response
  2. Preventive and Curative health services at the Comprehensive Health Centre, Zungeru
  3. Immunization services
  4. Nutritional Services
  5. Health Outreaches
  6. Growth monitoring
  7. Well baby clinic
  8. Health Education and Health promotion

Schedule of Clinical Services

  1. Immunization services: Weekdays
  2. Outpatient care and Inpatient care (CHC, Zungeru): 24hour services
  3. Nutritional Services: Weekdays
  4. Growth monitoring: Weekdays
  5. Well baby clinic: Weekdays
  6. Health Education and Health promotion: Weekdays
  7. Health Outreaches: Monthly

Training Services

  1. Training of Residents from department of Family Medicine on clinical rotation.
  2. Training of students on SIWES programmes from different institutions who have a MoU with F.M.C Bida.
  3. The department has a vision to commence residency training in Public Health.

Contact Person:                  Dr. E.T Nmadu (08036804615)                  Head, Department of Community Health.