Chemical Pathology, also known as Clinical Chemistry, is one of the four departments that make up the Pathology Laboratory Departments in any tertiary health institution.

Chemical pathology department at Federal Medical Centre Bida, is saddled with three key responsibilities of service delivery, research and training.


The department analytical services are divided into routine, emergency and specialized analysis. The routine analysis are those test that are commonly (routinely) requested by the clinicians in the course of treating a patient. These test are carried out daily and have turn-around time of between 6-48 hours. They include tests like blood glucose analysis, urinalysis, electrolyte and urea, lipid profile etc. The emergency analysis are those needed urgently to make therapeutic decisions in life threatening situations and surgeries. These type of tests are promptly carried out to meet the demand of the clinicians and may include those test done routinely or those classified as specialized tests. The specialized tests are those that require more stringent procedures in terms of timing and methods of sample collection storage and analysis. They include Enzymes analysis, hormonal analysis and rare tests. Specialized analysis may take a longer turn-around time. The department have modern equipment necessary for the carrying out of its functions.


The department is involved in various research activities in the hospital such as those involved with establishment of reference values, evaluation of clinical conditions, collaboration with resident doctors on thesis, and collaboration with clinicians on research activities.


The department trains various cadres of health professionals, including resident doctors, internists (house officer and medical laboratory interns) and students on industrial training and attachment.

Departmental Staff and Organogram

The department is headed by the Head of Department (HOD) who is a Medical Pathologist, and assisted by the Head Scientist. The department currently has two medical consultants and eleven laboratory scientist. Other cadre of staff available are the laboratory technicians, Scientific officers, health assistants and administrative staff. The members of staff in the department are highly motivated and dedicated to their duties.