The Centre for Health and Allied Researches (CHAR), Bida founded on the 3rd of October 2007 comprises a group of like-minded staff of the hospital with research interests and the willingness to make a positive impact on the hospital and its health care delivery system, and the community at large. Members cut across different cadres of health workers in the hospital; Consultants, Resident Doctors, Nurses, Health records, Administrative, and Laboratory staff. Our membership currently stands at 25.
We engage in ethically approved research, both within and outside the hospital. Several of our research articles have been published by reputable international and online journals, while a few others are currently undergoing review for publication.
Our vision
To identify, groom, and nurture interested individuals among the staff of FMCB as researchers, who will in turn serve as manpower bases for generating applicable research output for the benefit of the hospital (FMCB), the nation, and humanity in general.

Our mission

  1. To develop research interest among members and staff of FMCB.
  2. To promote FMCB’s corporate goals and partner with her in achieving her set goals.
  3. To facilitate residency training and its development
  4. To act as manpower for generating applicable research output for and beyond our locality
  5. For collaborative interest in research.

Our Motto
Research for human development.
We meet every Wednesday at 2.30 pm at CHAR Secretariat beside FMC Bida CT&CS Secretariat
The process involves an advertisement for new members by the group, application by interested staff, invitation and execution of interview (written and oral), and then the offer of admission to successful applicants.
For further inquiries, please contact:
Dr. A. O. Adekanye
Director CHAR FMC Bida