PROCUREMENT UNIT

                         FEDERAL MEDICAL CENTRE, BIDA

                         INVITATION TO TENDER

Interested Suppliers/contractors are hereby invited to submit their bids for the SUPPLY OF GENERAL CLINICAL CONSUMABLES to Federal Medical Centre, Bida in an open competitive bidding exercise.

1Disposable syringes + needles 2ml  (Deleject)CTN/303
2            ,,            ,,                ,,        5ml        ‘’ CTN/245
3Methylated Spirit (Appacco)Ctn15
4Hypo 500mls Ctn/2410
5KY JellyPcs100
6Adhesive plaster 10cm (HospiBrand)Pkt/1040
7Gauze plain 100 yrds (Agary)Ctn/2015
8Latex gloves disposable (Agary/Neo/Epic/Den V/Santaz)Ctn/1080
9  Cannula    16g    (Den V)Pack5
10  Cannula    18g    (Den V)Pack10
11  Cannula    20g    (Den V)Pack5
12  Cannula    24g    (Den V)Pack5
13Foley’s catheter 16ch  (Agary)Pkt.10
14    ,,               ,,       18ch        ‘’  ,,10
15    ‘’              ‘’          8            ‘’  ‘’3
16     ‘’             ‘’          6              ‘’  ‘’5
17Crape Bandage size 6   Roll/1220
18Crape Bandage size 6   Roll/1220
19Feeding Tube 18Pcs50
20Feeding Tube 16‘’25
21I V giving set(Agar)Pkt10
22Urine bags( With Exit Point)Pkt20
23Blood Giving setPkt/2010
24Bagco SackDozen15
25Yellow & Black BagPkt/10020

Bid documents are obtainable from the Procurement Unit, Room D 25, Administrative Block upon payment of N5, 000.00 tender fees at FMCB, Cash office, Finance Department.

Duly completed sealed bids in DUPLICATE are to be submitted to the above address not later than 10:00AM, 26th June, 2024. Any bid submitted after the expiration of the stated time/date or at a location different from the one stated above shall be returned to the bidder unopened.


  1.  Bidders shall include Evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) by inclusion of Certificate of incorporation and Article of association.
  2. All bid should be sealed and dropped in the tender box on the ground floor, Room D25 Administrative building, Federal Medical Centre, Bida not later than 26th June, 2024.
  3. All prices shall be quoted in Naira.
  4. All bidders shall bear the cost associated with the preparation and submission of their tenders; the Centre shall not be responsible for or be liable for these costs regardless of the conduct or outcome of the Tendering process.
  5. False claims and failure to comply with the instruction above, or to provide the listed documents may automatically lead to disqualification.
  6. The deadline for submission 26th June, 2024 and the Tender will be opened immediately at Admin Conference Room (1st floor) of the Centre in the presence of all bidders or their representatives and interested member of the general public.

Thank you.

Usman Tijjani Muhammad

Unit Head, Procurement

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