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Free Clubfoot Treatment Program for Children Aged Two Years and Below

We are excited to announce an exceptional opportunity: a no-cost clubfoot treatment program for children aged 0 to 2 years, utilizing the established Ponseti approach. This initiative proudly receives support from the Miraclefeet Foundation (USA) and Positive Care and Development Foundation Nigeria, in collaboration with the Federal Medical Centre Bida, Niger State.

Dr. Abubakar Usman, the Medical Director of the Federal Medical Centre Bida, formalized a partnership with the foundation through a Memorandum of Understanding and earnestly encourages parents, community members, and Nigerlites to embrace this program. Its overarching objective is to ensure that every child born with clubfoot can ultimately achieve independent mobility.

Clubfoot, medically known as “talipes equinovarus,” is a congenital condition characterized by a significant inward or upward curvature of the foot. It can also manifest in children with specific neuromuscular disorders. In order to enhance mobility and aesthetics for young pedestrians, the clubfoot clinic within the Federal Medical Centre Bida treatment protocol is initiated during the early weeks of a child’s life. In the majority of cases, we achieve successful correction without resorting to surgical intervention, thereby enabling children to lead active and normal lives. Your child will benefit from a dedicated Team of Clubfoot Specialists which comprises of Orthopaedic surgeons, Orthotists, Plaster technicians, and Nurses who collaborates meticulously to tailor an individualized treatment plan for your child. As parents, you are integral members of this team. We provide comprehensive education and guidance about the treatment journey, empowering you to effectively care for your child.

Our emphasis is on “Non-Invasive Care” as our clubfoot specialists are adept practitioners of the Ponseti method of manipulation and casting, administered with precision and empathy. This technique effectively addresses clubfoot in over 90 percent of cases, reserving surgical intervention for rare instances where casting alone may not suffice.


Thanks to the strides made in clubfoot treatment, the majority of children born with this condition now attain walking proficiency at the appropriate developmental stage and enjoy normal use of their feet and ankles by the time they commence schooling. Many even participate in a diverse range of activities, including competitive sports. A noteworthy example is the former Liverpool football club player, Steven Gerrard, who achieved remarkable success in his professional football career despite being born with clubfoot. While clubfoot may present initial challenges, most children go on to lead fulfilling and robust lives.

The Clubfoot Clinic operates every Tuesday at 10:00 am within the Accident and Emergency section of the Federal Medical Centre Bida, Niger State, Nigeria.


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