The Department of Microbiology, Federal Medical Centre, Bida marks this year’s Antimicrobial Day. The event is observed annually all over the world between 18th to 24th November, 2021 is recognized by the World Health Organization to sensitize the User and the prescriber of the antibiotic drugs on the proper effective and adequate use of antibiotic drugs and to have a safe antimicrobial Community.
Antimicrobial drugs are prescribed by Physicians against Microorganism like virus, bacteria, parasites and fungi. The aim of the awareness was explained by one of the Physician in the Microbiology Department, he said not every disease or ailment that requires antimicrobial or antibiotics and to further engage the patient not to put pressure on their Physician to prescribe antimicrobial drug.
Dr. Ayanbekun Toyese who is a Senior Registrar in the department further said that patients should not use any antibiotics without Doctor’s prescription and also discontinue the use after exhausting what the Doctors prescribed. “Patient are advised to discontinue the use any antimicrobial (antibiotic) drug and if there is any need for continuation, patient should visit their physician.”
Mr. Emumwen Gideon a Chief Scientist in the Department who joined in the awareness campaign said it has become a Global problem, that lots of patient would have taken enough antibiotic before coming to the hospital which then rendered antibiotics being prescribed by the Physician ineffective. “This is a big problem to the world now, because lots of patients will have taken enough antibiotics before coming to the hospital. This renders the effort of the Physician ineffective that is why we need to take the awareness serious and beyond the four walls of the hospital.”
The department in her effort has scheduled to visit all departmental clinics and departmental clinical presentation to create awareness to both prescriber and the patients.





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  1. Ramatu A Salihu

    It a very great to create the awareness in the community. Happy antimicrobial resistance day in advance.

  2. Ramatu A Salihu

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    It a very great to create the awareness in the community. Happy antimicrobial resistance day in advance.

  3. Dr Ayanbeku TS

    Well summarised, the antimicrobial resistance issue is a task for everyone. Antimicrobial stewardship is a promising solution.

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